Anyone can sell safety, but you shouldn't buy safety from just anyone.

Not all PPE and safety products are created equal

The law states that PPE must be correctly tested and certified to comply with the Personal Protective Equipment Regulations, but not every supplier of PPE follows the rules. The reality is that not all safety products currently for sale are created equal. The lack of surveillance and enforcement in the UK means it can be difficult to remove substandard products from sale. Employers must ensure that they only provide fully compliant PPE for their workforce. 

Benefits of using a rss

Using a Registered Safety Supplier gives you the reassurance that necessary checks have been performed. This is the criteria that we have met in order to carry the BSIF RSS shield:

  • Sell only certified PPE
  • Meet all responsibilities of the PPE regulations
  • Submit our products for random independent performance testing
  • Staff trained in BSIF’s Safe Supply Course (a publicly recognised qualification to educate those selling PPE and safety products)
  • Maintain a quality policy
  • Carry out necessary product recalls
  • Trade honestly and ethically

Extract taken from the BSIF 2023 guide read more 

Always specify the shield

Anyone can sell safety, but you shouldn’t buy safety from just anyone. The British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF) is the lead association for the PPE Directive and is recognised as a competent authority by the HSE (Health & Safety Executive). 

BSIF website

As registered members of BSIF, the team at Wise understand the importance of compliance and the dangers that fake and faulty products bring. We ensure that all our products are fully certified and fit for purpose. Our expert team will be more than happy to help advise suitable products for your application. 

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