ARTUS Finger exoskeletons

Meet ARTUS, the exoskeleton revolutionising assembly lines. Developed by German life science company Digity – a team of Prosthetic and Orthopedic experts. 

ARTUS improves Productivity, helps Prevent Accidents and delivers Ergonomic benefits. 

DigiLock technology provides a joint protection system that prevents over-extension and dissipates loads on the fingertip.   

DigiSkin allows movement through the rigid shell of the exoskeleton, providing dexterity, grip and tactile feedback. 

Digity Size Wizard measures your hand to provide recommended sizing, all with a quick photograph. 

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U-Power red carpet range

Anti-Fatigue Safety Footwear

Do you have tired and heavy legs? Back, joints or neck pain? Bad circulation? 

The Anti-fatigue insert of the Red Carpet line is ideal for all those who work for many hours on their feet, developing fatigue. 

The secret is in the sole – made of a revolutionary compound from BASF used for Anti-Fatigue matting. Able to absorb and relieve body stress by reducing the traumas caused by a prolonged stationary position at fixed workstations. 

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stores safety solution system

Customers using our Stores Management Solution experience increased productivity & efficiency with less downtime due to PPE shortages, and organised stores. 

You gain control, with only your approved products on site, and topped up to your agreed levels. Never overstock or find unsuitable PPE in the wrong area again. 

With fixed prices & replenishment levels you can analyse your usage in the monthly report and reduce costs

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isocyanate exposure

Isocyanates are commonly found in polyurethane paints used in body shops. It’s important you have the correct control measures in place to keep your workers safe.  

A 2015 HSE study in the UK found 70% of spray painters interviewed stated that they lifted the visor of their air‑fed respirator during spraying to inspect the quality of their work, or due to issues with seeing through their visor.

By lifting the visor, even for a short period, they are significantly reducing the effectiveness of their RPE and so increasing their exposure.

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BLS bodyshop respiratory recomendations

The work of bodyworkers involves numerous risks, including the inhalation of welding fumes, dust grinding or sanding dusts, aerosols of paints, solvent vapours during plastering and painting, vapours and aromatic hydrocarbons, exposure to solvents in the cleaning of working tools and airbrushes. 

The main occupational pathologies of workers in the sector are respiratory irritative diseases, bronchial diseases and bronchial asthma, including cancers of the respiratory system, diseases of the pleura, chronic lower respiratory tract diseases and lung diseases. 

ppe for automotive manufacturing

Below is a selection of the products that we are supplying into manufacturers in the Automotive  industry. 

From your Press Shop & Moulding, through to Final Assembly & Inspection, we have solutions for all your workers. 

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