artus finger exoskeletons

Increase in Productivity

  • No Pain
  • Happier Workers
  • Faster Speeds
  • Longer shifts per station

Ergonomic Benefits

  • Prevents hyper-extension of joints
  • Reduces the risk of long-term sensitivity loss

Accident Prevention

25% of all non-fatal workplace accidents are hand injuries, and 95% of these are  preventable with Exoskeletons (cuts, bruises, crushes)


Seamless Protection, Effortless Use

The DigiLock technology provides a joint protection system that does not sacrifice usability & comfort at the expense of safety. 

The DigiLock prevents the overextension of the Distal Interphalangeal joints (the joint closest to the fingertip)

This novel, hybrid joint has been engineered combining different materials that makes these small assemblies able to withstand the torques created by up to 40kg loads on the fingertip. 

Digity Size Wizard

Where precision meets simplicity

Digity GmbH have created the Digity Size Wizard to make it easy to choose a size for the exoskeleton. Using a photo of your hand, the sizing tool takes over 30 measurements using an AI algorithm to determine the most suitable exoskeleton size. 


Feel the safety

User acceptance is one of the most decisive factors in the adoption of exoskeletons at the workplace. Making it a simple device was not enough: it had to feel like if it was not there.

DigiSkin is the technology for haptic feedback, a second skin for transmitting tactile information while providing superior grip. 

Download Technical Brochure

Brought to you by Digity – a team of Orthopedic and Prosthetic experts from the heart of German life sciences. 

Our hands define how we interact with the world. Their mission is to ensure that they are always healthy protected and productive. 


  1. Initial discovery call to establish your current challenges and how we can provide solutions. 
  2. Site visit to your production area where end-users get to try the product 
  3. Following the demo you can opt for further more extensive trials before comitting to integrate ARTUS into your site.