Washing your company clothes all the time? We have the solution to help….

Did you know Wise Safety offer a laundry cleaning service?

If your business uses workwear, uniforms, or other washable fabrics, or you’re an existing stores management (SSS) customer, you could benefit from our weekly laundry collection the same time that we visit to restock your stores.

The Wise Safety hassle-free laundry service:

  • Clothes are collected from your changing room lockers weekly
  • Wise Safety launders them in our off-site laundry – paying particular attention to critical washing instructions to preserve the integrity of inherent and treated FR and chemical resistant garments.
  • Clothes are dried, folded and bagged
  • If you choose to have names embroidered on your garments they’ll be man-packed too
  • Clothes will be delivered back and put into your lockers & dirty laundry collected

Because our laundry service is managed by us, you won’t have the trouble of garments going missing and long turnaround times. You’re not tied into a contract like with many commercial launderers and you don’t have to hire your garments from us. It really is an easy process!

Just one fixed cost per month, on one invoice – hassle free 😊

We understand the challenges and hassle caused by business laundry issues. Find out more about our laundry service:
Sales@wisesafetyuk.com | 0151 495 5640