The Honeywell GasBook1

The Honeywell GasBook1 – The ultimate Gas Book

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Wise Safety are working with Honeywell to build the future of safety

Safety begins with smart preparation, quality solutions, and well-trained workforce. Equipment failure is never an option, especially on high-risk work sites. That’s why Honeywell Safety Solutions are designed to ensure safety is always on – even in the face of your most demanding projects.

In most industries, one of the key parts of any safety plan for reducing risks to personnel and plant is the use of early warning devices such as gas detectors. These can help to provide more time in which to take remedial or protective action.

Worker safety is your #1 priority – You can never be too safe.

A diverse variety of applications and processes increasingly involve the use and manufacture of highly dangerous substances, particularly flammable, toxic and Oxygen
gases. Inevitably, occasional escapes of gas occur, which create a potential hazard to the industrial plants, their employees and people living nearby. Worldwide incidents, involving asphyxiation, explosions and read more…

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Ask us about gas detection on your site, with the help from our specialist gas detection sister company 20point9 Ltd, we will be able to ensure your site is a safe site.

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