What do you do with your old corporate uniform?

Why choose to have your branded garments securely recycled rather than just binned?

Uniform, ID badges and items such as branded clothing can be of high value to others once they have been binned, as these can be misused for the purposes of fraud or could enable someone to walk unchallenged into your site or into private offices if wearing one of your branded garments when they shouldn’t be. Therefore failure to destroy out of date branded clothing or uniforms may result in unauthorised access or entry to sensitive information contributing to a breach of the Data Protection act.

Wise Safety’s secure branded uniform deconstruction service means you can ensure you have taken necessary steps to stop identify theft in your organisation. Not only protecting your own brand name but with our committal to environmental sustainability, this is an efficient method of recycling and becomes a very sustainable process once the deconstructed garments are formed into rags.

Our safe, sustainable and secure shredding and destruction service will offer you complete peace of mind.

Garment Destruction:

Here at Wise Safety, we can highlight one of the many recycling initiatives and services we offer our customers, with great results and sustainable benefits all round!

We offer Garment Deconstruction with sustainable recycling of all branded clothing. Once Wise Safety have received your branded garments back here on our site, we will deconstruct these in a safe way, making sure your garments cannot be used again. After this process we’ll recycle these back into Rags, where the process comes round again when we sell the rags on. Double recycling and brand protection!

> £2.9m is the average cost of recovering from a data breach

> 26.2m tonnes of CO2 produced in the UK is due to textiles each year

> 350,000 tonnes worth of textiles is sent to landfill each year