What is the VeriShield Smart Hearing Solution?

NEW Smart Hearing Solution

VeriShield Smart Hearing Solution (VSHS) equips safety professionals with actionable insights that enable them to provide personalized hearing loss prevention solutions for every worker. By taking the guesswork out of worker noise exposure, VSHS offers improved safety while allowing companies to create more efficient hearing protection strategies.

It is ideal for all employees who are exposed to high noise levels, work in a changing and unpredictable noise environment, or have already recorded hearing damage.

Quick Features:

  • VeriShield ear defenders record data all day long
  • User hands in their ear defenders at the end of a shift
  • Bluetooth connection syncs the noise levels to the portal / app
  • Safety officer can see who has been exposed to too much noise – and if employees are taking off their ear protection
  • Purchase the compatible ear defenders and also receive a yearly subscription to the VeriPro portal.

If you are interested please get in touch on sales@wisesafetyuk.com or 0151 495 5640 and we can arrange a visit and a trail of our demo kit.

Download the following VeriSheild brochure for more information and watch the below video on how you can best protect your employees and prevent NOISE-INDUCED HEARING LOSS.

Download HERE:  Verishield SHS Brochure