FFP2 or FFP3? We have both in stock…

What do you need; FFP2 or FFP3? Did you know we have both available in stock.

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BLS FFP2RD Valved Disposable Respirator

BLS129BW FFP2 Classic Valved

  • Cup shaped + headband made by two elastic straps.
  • Adjustable nose-clip between the filter material layers and soft inner lining on nose, to ensure a good face seal over a range of face sizes.
  • Exhalation valve, with a low breathing resistance, which drops heat and humidity inside the respirator- easier breathing and suitable for hot humid work place.


BLS FFP3 Zero 30 cup mask – respiratory valve mask 

  • Elasticity and resistance to the material even after prolonged use under conditions of high humidity or heavy perspiration.
  • Excellent compression set and deformation combined with an elevated user comfort. The textile layer absorbs sweat and keeps the skin cool and dry.
  • Easy to wear, fits perfectly on different head shapes ensuring excellent seal and a wide field of vision.


Honeywell FFP2 Respiratory Mask

  • Filter efficiency exceed 98%
  • Inhalation resistant < 100 pa, exhalation resistant < 70 pa
  • The nose pad with imported sealing material, with high adhesion, soft and comfortable characteristics, reduce the constriction to nose, more comfortable
  • Large internal space enhance more air circulation, provides user comfortable.