How we start our day at Wise!

We start the working day with a team plank!!

Currently just progressed from 1 min stationery at a time, to 1 min transition. Next step is increasing the duration – our goal = 3 min transition ( not as easy as it sounds)

Why do it ? – it started as a team builder, but a few of us found we felt in top form afterwards, and back muscles felt exercised and stronger.

Some of us with bad sitting postures, and the time we actually spend sitting all day (and perhaps nipping off to see the osteopath), we now feel office planking should not only be part of our culture , but also our daily regime.

Has anyone else found this or tried, we would be glad to hear?? Or does any one have the confirmed official health benefits of this free, simple exercise ??

Or feel free to call in first thing in the morning for a coffee and plank.