Why some teams win…. and the secret



All teams, businesses or any other group of people working together to achieve a common goal, need to work together as the combined result is greater than the sum of the individual parts.

Whether you like or dislike Liverpool LFC , everyone would have to agree that Klopp has bought the best out, and is bringing the best out in his players: and how is he doing this???

Klopp (and every other successful manager) is doing this not just because he is a good tactician or analyst , its because he is getting the best out of his players through their input in work effort and training. However he is not the only manager achieving a good work and training effort, so whats the secret??

THE SECRET – quite simply is he is a people person, who genuinely likes, cares for, appreciates his staff & team, and is warm towards them . He uses words like love and regularly embraces his players ( not that we encourage that in the work place), thanking them for their efforts, and this in return results in an extra effort on the players behalf.

‘THINK TEAMWORK ‘ – cultivate an atmosphere of openness,genuine friendships, happiness, and the ‘big boss I am in charge’, and you ‘are the just the minion to do as I say’ just doesn’t work or even cut ice in this day and age.

Wise Safety Ltd will next year be celebrating 25yrs of trading 1992 – 2017, OK we are not a big threat to Amazon, Apple or Google ( at this stage) , but we do plan to be trading in another 25yrs – 2042, all bit on a vastly larger scale.

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